Providing Qualitative And Quantitative Insights Insights And Empowering Businesses

We deeply analyze your data and take your business forward by understanding your market and consumer needs based on data science and analytics!

Let Data Drive Business Intelligence With Proven Data Science Solutions

Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL)

Our ML solutions train machines on historical data and enable them to process new inputs without explicit programming. And our DL solutions include complex algorithms of deep neural networks that help us yield precise results from input data with large volumes.

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Predictive Analytics

We extract information from existing data sources, determine patterns, and predict upcoming trends and results. We also roll out fully scalable, fault-tolerant, and reproducible ML solutions and deploy and manage them.

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Attribution Modeling & Statistical Modeling

We better allocate your marketing budget, determine the favorable channels for diverse customer segments, and originate crucial insights to enhance your marketing performance. Our statistical modeling solutions include real-life predictions that prepare you for real-world applications.

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About Us

Get All Your Complex Business Problems Solved By TTC

TORII Technology Corporation, TTC, creates opportunities by building Data Science solutions businesses can apply to solve their business problems. We analyze data, model algorithms, and pave the way companies operate and their different business divisions interact. Our professional data scientists help businesses leverage our proven Data Science solutions to make their business operations smooth and efficient.

Our Services

Empower Your Business Through Our Data Science Services

Our Data Science services cover all the stages of ML model building. We do everything from collecting data to feature or variable selection to Al model designing, deployment, and maintenance. Our data science experts create tailored predictive analytics solutions and make better predictions to help businesses enhance optimization and decision-making.

Work Process

How Do We Work?

We follow the Data Science lifecycle describing the pipeline through which data converts from raw data to favorable business insights.


Our experts will work with you to outline an effective AI strategy and build the best solution.



Our professionals identify the projects having a significant impact and prioritize them.



We deeply delve into, create, examine, and validate your solution.

What Our Clients Say

TTC helped enhance and grow our ML-based Customer Conversion Platform using advanced open-source technologies. Their services are highly affordable, and they ensure timely delivery. We highly recommend TTC, especially for data science consulting and development solutions.”

David Smith

I highly rate TTC, as they helped very professionally. I would like to say that the quality of their data science consulting, collaboration, and documentation is exactly up to the standards of Microsoft. TTC delivered excellent service. Great job!

Willliam James

The data engineering professionals at TTC are skilled and experienced personnel who developed the backend data processing systems at the best market rates. Their professionals handled everything very well, from data collection to processing and provision of valuable insights. I highly recommend TTC!”

Henry Jacob

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